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Sell, sell, sell. But are you taking good care of your customers? 

Don’t worry. Your competitors will do that. 

A lot of businesses lose on the customer service front, since they are too busy trying to get to the next transaction. Imagine talking to robot after robot, just to get stuck on hold for minutes on end. 

This is precisely where a lot of companies lose. Or at the very least, leave growth on the table. 

Customers nowadays cozy up to those companies that reach out to them personally and cater to their specific needs. 

If you are the one to satiate their palette — you are well on your way to earning their loyalty. 

Or better yet, more referrals and repeat sales. 

Are you against robust sales and customer retention? 

Consider building your customer-focused business strategy.  Below are a few ways to get started.

Build Credibility

Earn their trust. No matter whether you are a start-up or big multinational. If you have 10 customers or 100,000 customers — build the credibility of your brand in the market. 


Being transparent helps. Replacing or refunding faulty products helps.

What I’ve found most helpful though is empathy. Yes, empathy.   

Thinking outside of myself and seeing it from the customers perspective. Instead of dismissing an angry customer as one of those “difficult” ones — listen. Really listen. 

Ask them thoughtful questions about what you’ve heard. Come to a resolution that is both fair and makes the customer happy. 

This will help customers instill trust in your brand. Your existing customers will do word-of-mouth advertising on your behalf. More leads, more sales. Yay!

Product & Service Improvements 

Your business is your baby. Your products and services are superb — for you and your team. 

But it’s unfortunately not about what you and your team think. 

Your customers are the ultimate judge, jury and executioner. 

When working with clients during my strategy sessions I always encourage them to share customer feedback. With a reluctant sigh they usually mention that they don’t have any or the ones they do have are from months ago.  

Collect feedback from your customers and take them seriously. 

It will help you improve your process and ultimately your sales. Really! This customer service strategy pays your business in the long run. 

The goal here is to make your products better. Your services seamless.  And your customers happy.

Go Above and Beyond

Customers are an essential part of your brand. 

Their requirements must be catered to immediately. If your customers are unsatisfied — slowly, but surely, your sales will dip. 

Providing quick customer support is a key to long-term viability. It’s no coincidence that is the largest retailer. Their “customer-above-everything” approach to business has solidified their brand in the marketplace. 

Stealing is good. 

Yes. Incorporating elements of Amazon’s customer service policy into your strategy could yield you tremendous benefits and a positive ROI. 

Try it. Why not? 

Wrapping Up

Stand out from the competition. A customer-focused business strategy could be the push-over-the-edge your business needs for increased sales and profitability. Build a loyal customer base that will stick with you for the long-term. Not only because they love your products or services — but because they are emotionally connected to your brand. 

Turn your customers into lifelong ambassadors of your brand. 

You deserve it.

“There are 168 hours in a week-what you choose to do with them is up to you”

Joe Momoh

A digital marketing expert who gives key insights to companies around the globe on their digital marketing strategies, Joe has spent his career identifying tactics that achieve specific business outcomes across various channels, methodologies, approaches and buyers.