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W ebsites promote your business 24*7. No employee or customer will do that for your business. You need to pick the right designer and put considerable effort into making it the best fit for your target audience.

Having a professional website is a must in 2020. But is your web design targeted towards your audience? This is one of the first questions that comes to my mind when meeting with clients. You need to take care of your audience’s requirements too. Your site may look state-of-the-art to you — but if it doesn’t appeal to your potential customers — then you’re out-of-luck. It’d be like having a brand new Porsche… with no engine. Looks great. But doesn’t perform.  

If you want the most out of your website then design it in the way your audience responds too. 

Here are some tactical ways of accomplishing this.

Research Your Audience

Pay close attention. Acknowledge all the factors that’ll help attract your target audience to your website. Study your website analytics to evaluate the behavior of your visitors. See which pages have high Bounce Rates — where visitors are dropping off from consistently. Get below the average benchmark of 40-55% to know that your design is effectively working as a unit. 

Know which pages are seeing higher than usual conversion rates. As well as the Avg Session Duration. This data will help you map out a website flow. Which will ultimately assist with providing a great user experience (UX) for your visitors.  

Revamp Website Layout

You’re armed with valuable data now. Awesome. Read on. 

Now consider your audience’s demographics. Do your customers like simple navigation features? Or advanced drop-down menu features? Do they want to explore products in a single-click? Or wish to access the whole page in one go? The layout can be simple. An easy-to-understand user interface (UI). 

For tech-savvy people or “millennials”, it can be a bit more detailed and interactive. The common throughline would be that your site is clear and concise. What is your unique selling proposition? How can you provide more utility to your visitor’s life? Do you have clear and strong Call-to-Actions (CTAs)? These aspects will help them stay longer on your website. Longer = more likely to engage and reach out to your business! 

Study Your Peers

There are millions billions of websites online. There are many selling products and/or services similar to yours. It doesn’t hurt to peek over the fence to see what they’re doing right. Understand what’s common between you and your competitors. Learn the unique aspects of their web design — layout, design, color scheme, usability, etc. What makes customers stay on their website? 

Imitation is the best form of flattery. 

But I’m not saying to copy-and-paste here. 

Discover elements that you can use for inspiration for your design. Help formulate a blueprint for yourself. 

At the end of the day — customers are king. Make them happy and you’ll convert them into long-time brand loyalists. Next time you’re revamping or thinking of revamping your website keep your target audience in mind. Transform your website into a fully-functioning Porsche.

“There are 168 hours in a week-what you choose to do with them is up to you”

Joe Momoh

A digital marketing expert who gives key insights to companies around the globe on their digital marketing strategies, Joe has spent his career identifying tactics that achieve specific business outcomes across various channels, methodologies, approaches and buyers.