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How To Get Your Property Management Business On The World’s Biggest Search Engine

By August 25, 2022No Comments

If your property management company is not listed on Google Maps and Google Business, you are missing out on a wealth of opportunities. These free platforms not only give you the chance to display essential information regarding your business, but they are also one of the first touch points between you and your potential clients. 

The good news is that it is incredibly simple to get your company’s Google Maps and Google Business up and running. Here is what you need to know. 

What Is Google Business, And Why Is It Important? 

You can only take ownership of your business profile, obtain management function over it, and use extra free services to improve your exposure on Google by creating a Google My Business account. 

Google only needs the company name, location, and industry. Google will construct the company profile for the business once they are certain it is not a duplicate. Customers can then post reviews, images, queries, and even answers to inquiries to the Business Profile.

Google Business is especially important because it provides an entire host of free features that allow you to maximize your company’s presence. These features include:

  • Adding links, pricing, and other engaging touchpoints to your business profile
  • Enhanced engagement with potential clients and customers
  • Providing important insights 
  • Local SEO functions related to web performance

What Is Google Maps, And Why Do You Need It?

The consumer application and web mapping platform provided by Google is called Google Maps. It provides route planning for travel by foot, vehicle, bike, plane, and public transit. Additionally, it has the capabilities to show satellite images, aerial photos, street maps, 360° interactive panoramic views of streets, and real-time traffic conditions.

Google Maps offers many advantages to business owners and their companies. These are the top four benefits:

Leads People To Your Business 

One of the best features of Google Maps is that it makes it easy for customers to discover your establishment. Google Maps can pin and list companies that are relevant to the user’s search, thanks to its local search capabilities. Before choosing to visit or contact the business, the user can quickly view their options. Essentially, Google Maps functions as a search engine to identify the location of the company users are looking for as well as a map to guide people there.

Increases Foot And Web Traffic 

The Google Maps platform is a major contributor to both website and in-person traffic. Google Maps not only provides a company phone number but also highlights other contact or visitation details. Users may easily browse your business profile and discover instructions for brick-and-mortar establishments like shops or restaurants from one central spot.

The Google Maps listing links straight to your website for companies that offer services or goods that demand more investigation. Users have simple access to information about a company and can conduct research there.

Image Sharing 

Today’s users are completely obsessed with visuals. As a result, images might easily be the decisive factor when researching or assessing a company. It is advised that your company upload pictures to your listing (through your Google Business Profile). However, the images that your consumers share as part of reviews are far more potent.

While having current information and material is crucial, photos and images help to visually portray your company, which is something your potential clients would not be able to do without them.

Easier Contact 

The Google Maps platform presents a thorough database of your firm to users, which includes your organization’s phone number. They can call your company with just one tap because the majority of Google Map searches are done on phones.

Individuals use Google Maps to make decisions, therefore, the platform gives users the chance to get in touch with businesses, ask them questions, and then determine whether or not to visit. It makes it simple for users to move forward and for companies to communicate with potential clients directly.

How To Setup Google Business And Google Maps For Your Company

It only takes a few simple steps to have your property management company’s page up and running. You’ll have access to a number of services through your account, such as postings, search engine optimization benefits, and insights.

#1 Start By Signing In 

To access your existing account, go to and sign in. You will need to set up a Google account for your company if you are using the platform for the first time. Use an email address that is unmistakably associated with the name of your company. Once you’ve signed in, do your best to complete Google’s request for information about your company.

#2 Verify Your Business

Google will need to authenticate your Google My Business listing once you’ve claimed it. Your GMB account can be verified in a variety of ways. Select the approach that is most practical for you, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t edit your profile after submitting your request for verification.

#3 Create Google Posts 

Social networking posts and Google Posts are comparable. They contribute significantly to your company’s online reputation because they appear in search results and your Google My Business directory. This information helps rental property owners understand what sets your property management company apart from the competition.

#4 Add Images And Other Visuals 

Using images and videos to attract potential customers is a terrific idea.

Not to worry, they don’t have to be professional-quality pictures. You can use photos that you took with your smartphone. Responding to reviews and questions your potential clients ask is another way to add more content to your profile. 

#5 Add A Location

If the location of your business isn’t already available on Google, you can easily create one. The easiest way to connect your business to your location is by searching it first in Google Maps and then connecting it to your business. If you are already signed into your Business account, simply add your location in the settings tab. 


Property management businesses need to have a presence on Google in today’s market. This is where people turn to get important information that can help solve their problems and if your business is well-managed on Google Business and Maps, you will be hand delivering potential clients to your competition. So, take the time to update your account, engage with your visitors, and maintain a strong presence on both platforms.

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